Using Minerals

Pyrite is one Jade's favourite minerals for inspiration and also used as a raw material in her work.  Nicknamed "Fool's Gold", the metallic finish gives it a sci-fi quality. Naturally occurring in cube form gives them the look of being manufactured and left behind by an ancient alien race. Contrasting the seemingly organic and rustic with purposeful shapes and finishes is another theme in her work. 


Inspiration & researc

As well as using the physical objects themselves, the natural beauty of mineral formation such as this malachite inspire Jade's work through their colour, form and textures. By experimenting and developing new techniques and exploring materials she hopes to capture their properties translating them into sculptural pieces to adorn the body.


Other precious/semi precious stones, minerals & material Jade uses include: Garnet, Ruby, Opal, Diamond, Granite, Marble, Rock Crystal, Moonstone, Carnelian, Peacock Ore, Bismuth, Quartz and Amethyst.